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Captain Eventually! 

captainmajestic-deactivated2014 said: Righty'o I'll bite. Why is men losing there virginity different to women given the biological reasons are considered moot.

It’s cultural.

The classic double standard is not only taken for granted by now, but is present in every corner of society.

Women are sluts and men are awesome if they have a lot of sex.

A 16 year old girl who loses it is “lose” or “easy” and the boy who took it is a “stud”.

Fast forward ten years and a woman who sleeps with more than one person is a whore, and the man does the same is just “not ready to commit”. 

That’s the most basic, egocentrically relevant explanation, but I can go back thousands of years and across multiple cultures if you need me to.

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P.S. If your arguments include the words “but men lose their virginity, too!” or “actually, the hymen does break.” then you will be receiving a lesson on conceptuality, social construct, social implication, and physiology before I go anywhere with the argument. Those rationals are irrelevant and silly, but I am willing to explain why if you don’t understand. 

Please keep in mind that the concept of virginity did not originally manifest in modern American society, so please keep your arguments pertinent to the history that is being noted in the statement.